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Meet The Team

" I am so excited to introduce our team to you. They are full of hype and are ready to help you reach your goals! We all look forward to building relationships with each of our clients and providing a valuable asset to increase the health and well being of Batesville and the surrounding areas! "

-Lynleigh,  Owner 



Batesville native, 21 years old and a mother to a beautiful little girl that is two years old named Annalyn!


I work two waitress jobs and will be your certified spin instructor to better yourself and myself !


You tell me your goals and we can work towards them together.

I hope you love music because I do too , during my class we will have fun!


I'm excited to start this new journey !



Hey I’m Jim.

I am 41 and fitness is my passion.

From my time in MMA to running marathons I've always been a high octane person so come to my class if you’re truly ready to feel the burn. The music will be fast and loud, and sweat will be pouring but you will always leave feeling better about yourself.


I’ve got a loving wife and three beautiful children that motivate me.

Come and let me help you achieve your goals.

See you soon


Amanda Reaves

I spin to workout the CRAZY !!!!

Anyone else need that outlet??


If that's a YES then join me and we will spin into sanity...

Hi! My name is Amanda Reaves, a 40 year old momma of 2 boys and 1 girl that loves them FIERCLY ! 


With high energy, lots of push and a class that will leave you better then when you came in, I am excited to lead you into THE BEST YOU!


Calorie burning, music loving excitement with sweat rolling, washing away the bad vibes of the day is exactly what you will have in this class !!!


See you soon to spin of the CRAZY!



A name is worth a thousand conversations, mine is Danielle!


I am a certified Spinning Instructor who will be leading warm, welcoming, and upbeat classes that will have you leaving better than you began in body, mind, and spirit.

Outside of the studio I enjoy traveling with my better half and freeing my mind onto a blank canvas.


Exercise has been a healing force for me, and I am thrilled to support you, coach you, and push you to reach your own health goals.


Come ride with me to experience breakthroughs and unlock your full potential on and off the bike!



Hi everyone! My name is Evie!


I’m 27 years old and  my athletic background includes soccer, CrossFit, weight training, and basically any cardio you could think of!

I’m so excited to Spin with you! My classes will be intense, but nothing you can’t handle!


I’m here to start your day with enthusiasm and encouragement or end your day with a ride that will make you proud of yourself!


Come ride with me, grow with me, empower one another, and make new friends! 


Beth Pulley

I am 32 years young. Grew up playing sports and now I coach girls softball.

Anything outdoors is my favorite thing to do. I graduated from UACCB and am now finishing my Bachelor's degree with the University of Arkansas.


I'm very excited to get people out of their comfort zone and into the Bungee Class where they can let their hair down and have some fun.


Working out isn't supposed to be torture, and it's my job to help people find what works for them.


Any excuse to turn the music up and workout/dance with my girls is a WIN for me.


I'm very thankful to have such a good leader who is passionate about what she is creating with this studio. Hard work and Dedication never left anyone where they started! 

See you soon!



Hi, I’m Kirsten. You can call me Kurt.


I’m 26 and I’m hyper active but by no means athletic, so we’ll learn together!


I am mental health survivor and I’m ready to start a new journey with lots of welcoming love and positivity!

I'm excited to make new connections and bring Batesville a whole new aspect of working out.


Come join me for some time for yourself! We all deserve it.


Grace Metcalf

Hey Guys, I am Grace!

I may be small but I have a huge passion for dance, choreography, and fitness. After dancing all throughout school, I have been searching for a way pursue what I once loved in high school, in my adult life. I found that in BUNJEE! I cannot wait to share the joy that this experience has brought with with all of you!





Hiya! I’m Hunter, I am 20 years old and absolutely love fitness. I played soccer all through out high school and after graduating I gained the dreaded freshman 15 x2.


Two years later I reconnected with the fitness world and changed my entire life!


I am the strongest and most confident I’ve ever been.


My class will be full of music, laughs, and self love! No talking down about yourself in my class, we are here to better ourselves and that starts with loving ourselves at every point in our journey.


Can’t wait to meet ya! 



Hey guys! I’m Lynleigh Hunter, and I’m excited to bring spin and bungee classes to Batesville!


I am the owner and dreamer behind Hustle.


I grew up always playing some kind of sports-ball. I was a three sport athlete in high school and went on to play softball at the collegiate level.


However after having two kiddos, and gaining the covid 25lbs; working out wasn’t near as fun and it became near impossible.


I wanted to be able to be part of a team again and actual enjoy cardio workouts.


That’s why I have put together an AMAZING team of instructors who are full of fun, hyped energy, and ready to help you meet any personal goals you have.


So, if you want to add good tunes, good vibes, and personalized strategies; we are excited to help you to meet your fitness goals, COME GET YOUR HUSTLE ON WITH US!



My name is Jaela Rose, I grew up here in Arkansas, and have always been taught to be the best version of myself and to do my best at whatever I may try.

Come out and let's do some late night or early morning cycling or jumping if you would like to get away and escape to a place of no expectations from me as your instructor just that you come for you, to become or maintain the best version of you!

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