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Are there any class specials or promotions going on?

At this time we are offering one free class per person for bungee and cycling. 

Are there age restrictions on cycling or bungee classes?

Cycling and Bungee are available to all ages. If you are concerned about the intensity or impact of either of our course options please give us a call or stop by and check out the equipment and classes for yourself! Your first class is always free! 

Can I schedule a group spin class or group bungee class or event?

Spin and Bungee classes make great field trips and employee workshops. Give us a call today to see if our space is right for your group's needs. 

How do I reschedule a class if I am unable to make it?

Login to your members area and choose reschedule from your upcoming classes section. You can reschedule a class within 2 hours of the class beginning. 

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